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What equilibrium reaction determines [OH−] and, therefore, the pH of the solution?

I do not understand the question at all and I have tried different reaction which were are all wrong

baking soda is an acidic salt but used as antacid why?

baking soda is an acidic salt but used as antacid why?

Calculate Ka for acetoacetic acid?

The [H3O+] of a solution of acetoatic acid CH3COCH2COOH is 4.38x10^-3 M at 25*C. The concentration of nonionized acid is .0731 M at equilibrium. Calculate Ka for acetoacetic acid at 25*C?

Find Ka of First Ionization Acid/Base Equillibrium?

The weak acid hydrogen selenide H2Se has two hydrogen atoms that can form hydronium ions. The second ionization is so small that the concentration of the resulting H3O+ is insignificant. If the [H3O+] of a .060 M solution of H2Se is 2.72x10^-3 M at 25*C what is the Ka of the first ionization?

How many ml of the solution should be used?

A Student in Laboratory was provided with 6.00 M of hydrochloric acid solution. The instructions call for 2.5x10^2 ML of 2.00 M hydrochloric acid solution. How many mL of the 6.00 M solution should be used to prepare 5.00x10^2 of the 2.00 M solution?

How much strong NaOH needed to add to weak acid to get a specific pH

Calculate the amount of mL of 0.50M NaOH needed to add to a 60.0mL solution of a 0.15M pyruvic acid to produce a buffer of pH = 4.00

Write Buffer Procedure for Ammonia and Ammonium Chloride

I need to write a buffer procedure that prepares a 100mL solution of .10M ammonia(Kb=1.8*10^-5) and ammonium chloride(salt). It needs to have a ph of 9.2 and withstand 20mL HCl being added to it. I don't understand how to figure out how much ammonia and ammonium chloride to add to keep the pH from changing.

redox reaction

A method for determining the quantity of dissolved oxygen in natural waters requires a series of redox reactions. Balance the following chemical equations in that series under the conditions indicated: 

a. In a basic solution: 2Mn^(2+) (aq) +O2(g) +4OH^(-1)(aq) ----> 2MnO2(s) +2H2O(aq) 

b. In acidic solution: MnO2(s) + 2I^(-1)(aq) + 4H^(+1)(g) ----> Mn^(2+)(aq) + I2(s) + 2H2O(aq) 

c. In neutral solution:  I2(s) + S2O3^(-2)(aq) ----> I^(-1)(aq) + S4O6^(2-)(aq)


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