Organic Chemistry Tutors:  Do you want....

live tutors
Live Tutors:
Get live help from a human chemistry tutor in your area who will meet you somewhere and teach you stuff
online tutors
Online Tutors:
Do it online and see your tutor's screen through your computer using web meeting software. 

Live Chemistry Tutoring.  

You can find someone on the internet, meet them somewhere and pay them to teach you chemistry.  It is awesome. The good part about live tutoring is that they are right in front of you and are usually really qualified.  The downside is that these tutors are a bit more expensive.  However, we definitely think they are better than online chemistry courses.  Find your next chem tutor here. The websites below are our favorites.  

wyzant    WyzAnt Tutoring: clearly the best of them all.   did you know it takes as little as 8 hours of one-on-one tutoring to improve a full letter grade, according to a nationwide poll of private tutors. Wyzant (pronounced "wise-ant") is a service that connects students with qualified tutors in their area.  It is a beautiful concept.  You log on to the site through the link above, enter your location and subject of interest and Wyzant gives you a way to send a quick message to a tutor in your area that you can meet to get some quality help.  Wyzant is for any subject, high school or college, any level, any ability.   

For a limited time, get $20 off your first tutoring session.

Humans: they sure do make great tutors.  Think about it.  You know you are struggling in a class.  You know you need to get better but you just don't know how.  For some reason, it is just not clicking with you.  How the heck can you do this?  

Step #1: Commit to doing better.  Whether it means giving up something after school, less Instagram, or just focusing more, the only way to learn is to really buckle down force yourself to spend time on chemistry.
Step #2: Accept it is a tough class, but remember that many other people have learned chemistry before you.  This means it is not impossible and you can do it to. The psychology of this is important.  If you resign yourself to the fact that it is impossible, it will be.  
Step #3: Don't reinvent the wheel.  Find someone who has learned the material before and learn from them.  Tutors are great for this!
Step #4: Prepare before you meet with your tutor.  Bring questions that are giving you a hard time.  Write down the topics that you want more into on.  Bring specific problems and questions.  You only have so much time with your chemistry tutor, so don't squander it.
Step #5: Meet with your tutor, listen intently, and take a lot of notes. The best way to do this is to keep a tutoring journal.  This way, you only need to get the explanation for a tough concept once and can go back to it anytime you need a refresher.  
Step #6: Practice, study, Practice.  
Step #7: Rinse and repeat until you are the chemistry master.

And remember, a human being will be better than online chemistry courses.

Online Chemistry Tutoring.

is for those students who are computer savvy, want the convenience of getting tutored from home and don't mind not physically being next to the tutor.  The advantage is that you have a wider range (an entire www) of tutors to choose from.  The drawback is that online tutoring can take a little getting used to.  Here are our favorites for online chemistry tutoring.

 wyzantWyzAnt (pronounced "Wise-Ant") 
   Why we like it: Tons of tutors, good interface.  This one is our favorite of all. 
Wyzant offers online, as well as in-home, chemistry tutoring. Web meeting software, as well as other online tools, allow you to learn as if you were right there next to your tutor.  There are currently 169 online certified tutors in chemistry ready to help you.  Send one of them an email to inquire more.  Use offer code TAKE20 for $20 off your first session.  

Regents chemistry help.
reagents chemistryWhy we like it: Regents specific, see the most common problems all in one place.  
This course has 100 short, informative videos covering the most common questions and problems in Regents chemistry. Over 450 short answer and multiple choice problems classified by topic so you see exactly which ones are most likely to be on the exam.  
Or try the two hour version of the Regents review course

Presto Experts
presto expertsWe we like it: You decide the topic, price range you want to pay and you get an expert
This site has in-depth tutoring available on-line, in the price range that you want to pay. Nice site. 

Why choose remote chemistry tutoring over live tutoring or one of the learning systems?  
These learning solutions are nice because they allow you to work from the comfort of your home on your timeline.  Virtual tutoring is great because you get a tutor online when you want them.  With the advances in web meetings and virtual meeting rooms, it is easy for your tutor to answer your questions.

5 Study Tips for Home Study:

1. Don't make yourself at home. If you are too comfortable, you are not in your optimal learning mode.  "Train as you fight" is applicable to standardized testing - for maximum success, try to replicate the testing environment as much as possible while studying at home. Distractions are a killer to your productivity. Many typical at-home distractions including music, snacks, and electronics are not permitted during examinations so you should eliminate them from your personal study space. Quick tips: Don't study in a reclined position or while laying down. And if you can't study in pure silence, set your station to Classical. 
2. Treat yourself. When you have done something well, give yourself a little pat on the back.  Whether that be a night at the movies, a nice new dayplanner (if you still use one), or a new case for your phone, you deserve to reward yourself after a lot of studying.  Quick Tip: Don't reward yourself with something big daily, but maybe every week or two.  That way you have something to look forward to if you hit all of your goals for that time period.  
3. Go old school.  Shut off the devices.  It is too easy for the world to find us these days.  If they can find you, they can distract you.  Time burglars are the efficient person's worst enemy.  They don't mean to suck your time away, they just do.  Don't let that happen.  Turn off the phone.  If you are on your laptop or tablet, put up a busy message so nobody can IM you.  Remember, your friends might not be as keen on studying as you are.  Quick tips: If you prefer the digital version for your study tools, turn your phone to airplane mode so you can't receive email and text alerts. 
4. Get a timer. Hold yourself accountable.  Set a goal for study time and stick to it.  Do not get up until you have hit that goal.  If you think you have gone over everything and still have time, either go over it all again or try something new like finding new practice problems or creating your own or reading a section that is not required but will give you a better grasp on the subject. 
5. Appeal to the senses.  Make your study area one that smells great.  Smell triggers memory.  Even chewing the same gum you chewed while studying will help with memory recall.  Quick tips: Cool colors (blue, green, purple) are calming and may be helpful for people who are naturally more alert of anxious by nature. Warm colors (red, yellow, orange) are more stimulating and may be better suited for people who need a little extra energy boost. Lemon, Lavender, Jasmine, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Peppermint are recommended scents for boosting mood and productivity.