Chemistry (and other) Resources on the Web

Our Most Recommended Tutoring Resources.

learn more, study lessWyzAnt Tutoring Get connected with real tutors in your area.  Meet them anywhere and get cranking on a better grade.

Ask a Nerd: It's simple.  Just type your question, and let the nerds bid on how much to charge you for the answer.  It takes about 60 secs to do the whole things, and there is no registration required.  You can even get help on longer assignments, not just quickie questions. 

Great Chemistry Websites/Info

- Periodic Table Explained: Our favorite online periodic table.  Click on each element for a ton more info.
- Stats on jobs for chemists: Ever wondered what chemistry would be like as a career?  Here are some quick stats on it.
- Molecule of the Day Blog: Not updated recently, but still has some really interesting stuff in the archives.

Fun stuff

- Think Geek: Fun chemistry novelty items such as t-shirts, mugs, and other wackiness.
- Chemistry Humor: Some of our favorite chemistry jokes.
- More chemistry jokes: This is a great page, lots of fun.

Systems to help you learn

- Study Less, Learn More:  Don't waste time.  Become more efficient in your studying. 

For those who want to go to Medical School or Grad School

- EssayEdge:  This is a service which helps your write personal statements and school admissions essays.  Coupons for EssayEdge are here.
- Human anatomy: One of the most important subjects for physicians.  Get a head start on it now.
- Med School Admission Secrets:  Yes, there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting in.